Will he initiate the kiss?

I met a guy at a party, we danced and we "made out" for about a minute, maybe less. I didn't want to go too far cause I'm not that kind of girl. He took my number and texted me. We texted for two weeks or so and he asked me out. The date went really well, but I got really shy at the end and only gave him a hug. I told him so afterward and he said he had been shy too. He just asked me out for a second date. I said yes, but I'm nervous about how things will go down... we're probably going to kiss on this second date since we already have and we hadn't kissed on the first date. But is he going to be the one to initiate it? He seems to take control with the texting and dating parts... so I'm not sure. And if he does, how is it likely to happen? What do I with myself when he does, like my arms and all? Thanks!


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  • Loosen up or else you won't have fun. Do whatever you are comfortable doing, if you don't want to kiss him, are not feeling it then don't. If you really do then go for it. Try not to do it in public though because PDA is really annoying sometime.

  • What did you do with your arms the last time you kissed him? Just do that? You could hug him or just touch him. No biggie. You'll figure it out when it happens. Just enjoy it.


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