Would you date a formerly "fat" person?

If you met an attractive person with a great personality and began dating them but later found out that they had once been overweight, obese, or even morbidly obese, would you suddenly have any reservations about being in a relationship with them? Why or why not?

Would how long ago the weight loss had occurred matter to you?

Giving points to everyone who responded. Thanks for your (hopefully) honest answers. I was wondering if formerly overweight people would still face some of the same prejudice they faced before the weight came off.


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  • It could be a deal-breaker. I'd need to see her with her shirt off. The skin in her stomach area could look pretty bad. Sorta like a prune. Some loose skin is one thing. But TONS of it is something else to consider. I assure you I have experience with this. I would be incredibly bummed out if I liked her personality, etc. It just depends on the cosmetic severity. It wouldn't matter how long ago... or any other aspects about it. If anything I'd admire them as a person for losing the weight.

    • So what if you fell in love with her and she had your children and then her stomach looked like a prune? Would you leave her for that? I mean she had your children and all. Way to be a shallow douchebag.

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    • Lame crap? Dude, men age like wine and women age like milk. Very few women stay hot when they get older. If you have someone you love and are married to? Who cares? Why would you give up someone with an awesome personality over the fact that she's lost a bunch of weight? Personalities don't change. "Tough guy" have fun being alone the rest of your life.

    • Stop playing the good guy - you're not impressing anyone. Must have struck a nerve with you getting so defensive. Got a little trashbag on your tummy I'm guessing.


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  • If their skin wasn't stretched noticeably, I wouldn't see why this matters. Also: If they've been fat once and have worked to get it all off, they'll likely not let it happen again. Not to mention it shows that they are hard-working and determined to actually work that hard. I'd date them.

  • K, there is a friend of mine from school that used to be 200lbs, she is about 5'6" and maybe 125lbs now, she has an amazing personality and is very attractive. So she may have some stretch marks and saggy boobs, but no one is perfect. I would totally date her if it wasn't for her being strictly in the friends zone.

    As said it shows commitment and ambition, totally attractive qualities in any person.

  • definately shows commitment to something, its a good thing :)

  • That wouldn't be anywhere on my list of red flags.

  • I would probably vomit right on the spot. No, that doesn't matter at all. If anything it shows that they can stay committed to a goal and have a good work ethic.


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  • That's awesome. I can really respect that, of course I would and it would matter in such a way of saying, "Wow... that's amazing."

  • I would :)

  • Why wouldn't I?