Should I ask her to hangout again?

Ok a couple days ago I asked this girl if she wanted to hangout and she said "If I'm not doing anything which I'm not so yeah", so the day before I reminded her that I was gonna pick her up and she said "ok if we have the gas which we probably do, today when I went to go pick her up she didn't show so I was thinking that I got stood up, so I went home and talked to her friend, and she asked the girl If she stood me up she said No:(. so I text her asking her if she had forgotten and she said yea cause I went to my moms to spend time with her and I forgot I'm sorry I feel bad cause her friend texted her asked me if I stood you up and I said no:( so now I feel bad :( should I ask her to hangout again.

Whats bad is I actually believe her


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What Girls Said 1

  • No. It sounds like she's making up excuses. If she really wanted to hang out with you she would ask you the next time. Good luck!


What Guys Said 1

  • lame. she's messing with you. why couldn't she call or text you about her change in plans beforehand?