Was this an invite for like hanging out?

me and this guy were talking and I said I had to go to psych class and I didn't want to and he said he was headed to the pool and he said he was excited and it was funny Because when he said he was excited he kinda jumped a little and acted all enthusiastic or giddy like a little boy hahahaha and the next time we talked after that I had asked how the pool was and he said it was great and I told him I was jealous Because I had wanted to go that he said I should have gone


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  • It could be that OR he was really excited to go the pool? Honestly, don't read too much into things. I'm assuming you only asked this question because you think he might be interested in you. If you're interested in him, invite yourself and see what he says.

  • no it wasn't. sounds like a normal conversation to me