Did he really like me?

So this guy I have been seeing for a while suddenly stopped talking to me. We had been hanging out a lot more and had been becoming more than friends. But after our first kiss he just stopped talking to me. OK I will admit that it was kind of awkward just because it was just a little kiss. Also he's kind of an awkward person to. (its so cute) but I just want to know did he ever really like me? Because he would say that he did and everything, but then I also think that maybe he won't talk to me because of the kiss. Please tell me what you think.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Have you talked to him at all? Maybe he's embarrassed. Guys are admittedly weird too, especially the shy ones. If he thought you didn't like him kissing you he might have taken off from embarrassment. If he's the awkward kind of person like you're saying my best guess is that he did like you and feels like he screwed up big time. Just send him a text or something, guys don't have to initiate everything!


What Girls Said 1

  • It's not enough detail to know exactly, but maybe it was his first kiss, and he may have thought he was bad at it, got embarrassed, and just wanted to disappear? Maybe? I need more detail.