Why did he text me at 11:40pm?

Been talking to a guy fro about a month now. He came off too strong at first. He was very persistent each time I rejected him. I let him know that his persistence made him come off too strong and I scared. So he asked me to text him when I'm free. I didn't want to, so I hinted that maybe we should hang after his finals. I didn't hear from him in 2 days. So I gave in and texted him in the morning so he'll know or ask if I'm free later. When he asked when I was free & I told him I was, he just said cool. Then he texts me after 11 pm to see what I'm doing!

I was with friends. I was obviously not going to wait for him to text and ask me out. But why at that time, was I a booty call? I did the right thing in making plans and not wait for him right? What did he expect at that time or do people now go out at that time? Please help me understand this!


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  • Maybe that's when he got off work?

    Honestly, I would suggest you stop playing games with this guy if you like him. Don't shoot him down over and over and then expect him to have to jump through all of these hoops. The only thing that will happen is he'll get tired/bored/annoyed and move on.


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  • Sounds like a booty call to me


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  • Something similar happened to me before.

    To me, if he never asked or hinted anything regarding going to his house and do something rather naughty, then I won't jump into the conclusion that it's a booty call. But do let him know that you are not comfortable to hangout that late in the night, and perhaps you could suggest a better time or plans.