I hate it when guys use their tounge for kissing?

Every guy I have kissed (not many) have always used their tounge a lot to kiss. I don't like it, I find it sloppy and awkward. How can you get them to not do it without offending them?

I know just talking to them would stop them doing it. But wouldn't that offend them, because I'm saying I don't like how you kiss... and what if they really enjoy using their tounge? I would feel bad saying they suck at kissing.


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  • i mean the point of kissing is to use tounge, I mean what I personally think is that the guys you are kissing are bad kissers. cause I mean if you really like that person you would like french kissing them . you probley would ask for more tounge, you have to be more mentally into it or find other guy who can kiss you better

    • the point of kissing isn't to use tounge? I think it gets in the way

    • i think you need to find a better kisser

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  • Answer to update - tell them that you don't like french kissing IN GENERAL. No offense involved there. It's not personal. If they enjoy tongue, well, they need to respect that you don't.

  • Communication solves everything.

    • In response to your update: There's no other way to do it. They'll get over it fast, don't worry.

  • Just tell them that you don't like french kissing.

  • Isn't that called french kissing? Just tell them you don't really like it and think its "awkward".

    • @Update: I don't really think it would offend him if you said it in the right way. It's honestly how you put it/how you say it. Suggestions are good to a guys ego, sometimes telling him ____ in a straight forward manner is not.

  • Naw..u wouldn't stop me from giving you oral would u? That is much more important then French Kissing...just say "everyone's got their weird thing...and this is mine" That time-honored line will work for u! Just don't get in my way when I head south and we would have no problems.

    • I've never had oral before and I don't want it.

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    • Good girl hun don't listen to guys like this! :)

    • heh heh heh heh

  • Just tell them a little goes a long way.

    • Nah, most boys start out over eager in the tongue department. If they haven't been in tune to girls talking about other boys poor technique, shame on them. In the long run you're doing them a favor.

  • just say I love kissing you but I don't like tongue action its not my thing, say this


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  • Aw, a lot of couples have this problem. I'm sure you can just seductively ask him for less tongue, or say something like "Save your tongue's energy for other places and just kiss me like this" and then you can just show him :P

    Personally, I love it.