Tired of being alone, advice?

I'm 22 years old, about to be 23 in September. I can count on one hand the amount of girls I've kissed. I got my first kiss when I was 18, and just graduated high school. My parents really screwed with my mentality growing up and I'm just now getting to where it doesn't affect me as much, here in the last 2 years. However, I'm not picky with girls but I have a few things that I fall for. For whatever reason, the girls always seem to be out of my league. I have yet to catch a break. I don't believe in magic anymore. I feel like I have a defeated spirit and morale comes and goes. I have high dreams and ambitions and I've been told I'd be a great boyfriend, which I don't doubt. But I'd kill to know a girl finds me attractive. I've never been in a "descent relationship" before. I've had one or two girls but it wasn't anything worth mentioning, no disrespect intended. I've seen "help" before, actually everyone listed within a 50 mile radius of my apartment and I've yet to find anyone who remotely helps. My lack of experience(s) in my personal life have taken a toll on me. I'm tired of being lonely and single. All the color from my face drains when I see happy couples, my age or younger, even a little older because I'd kill for just a day in that situation. I just don't get it, I really don't. I'm a very sentimental guy and I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I hate that but it's who I am. I just do not understand why I can't catch a break or why I can't get a descent personal life


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  • Just grow some confidence. I'd date ya :-) Just by this question I can tell you're a good guy. It'll just have to be that right girl for you. Maybe you're attractive, maybe you're not. I'm attracted to some guys my friends think are ugly. They're attracted to some guys I think are ugly. It depends on the girl's preference. But still, never give up. There's someone out there for everyone. And if you're really tired of it, try internet dating. You never know. I don't mean date people online, but just find someone. I've dated a couple of guys I met online before and they were some of the best guys I've ever met. And I did it for the same reason. I felt lonely. That's all you need is that hope :-)


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  • No, I'm in the same boat, so I can't help you :(


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  • Get out some. Like way out. Travel, get to another country. It isn't so much the physical dislocation that is important, as the psychological; get out of your rut, get to another place, re-invent yourself. You're 22; if at all feasible, take a couple months off and travel about Europe on the cheap. Or Asia. Or South America. Lots of girls in the hostels, looking for something different than from whence they came.

  • I'd like to know the answer to this also, something practical and useful would help.

    Also stay away from Internet Dating (Women just don't reply, so don't waste your time or your money)