Had a minor fight with guy I'm dating today not sure what to do?

ok so the guy I'm dating...we're not "official" but we are both off the dating sites now and we only hook up with each other, anyway, we have been seeing each other a few months...had a fight today just via text messages both said things a little obnoxious...anyway, he's been distant rest of day, there's been some contact but not as much and I'm supposed to visit him (he is away for work-related stuff) tomorrow. if he's bein distant still does that mean he won't want me there? or should I just give him space to stew...guys hate for girls to nag esp after a tiff right? just not sure what best thing is to do right now. he is about an hour away and I'm not supposed to leave til tomorrow early evening but I wonder if anything has changed over the fight...


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What Guys Said 1

  • If you're supposed to meet him then you should go. If the fight was only minor then tell him you're over it and you want to move on.

    If you don't go then the minor issue could become major.

    • very true, thanks! and he would say something if he didn't want me to go right? so I should just let it go?

What Girls Said 1

  • I'm sure he'll have forgotten by the time you arrive so I suggest you go. If you don't it could risk him calling you saying, "What happened the other night? I thought we were gonna hang out..." and that could lead into an even bigger fight. If he didn't want you to go after the fight, he probably would've called you saying, "You know what, don't even bother coming tomorrow...". I'm sure it'll brush over and you'll be having a great time by night's end. Don't hold a grudge over it and just let the day take its course.