If you had a significant other, would you to out to lunch with the opposite gender?

So I have this female friend whom I have a crush on, and were going out to lunch this weekend. But she has a boyfriend and I was surprised that she even agreed to go with me, she's in a long distance relationship, and they've only been dating a month before they had to be apart. I'm really not that good friends with her, I've been trying not to get in the friend zone so I've been keeping my distance, and not acting like I want to be one of her "girlfriends". I'm just wondering if I have a shot, should I go for it and tell her how I feel, or do people think that isn't a good idea and that she just wants to be friends. This is really the first time we'll be alone together hanging out.


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  • It's not exactly best-practice policy to do this sort of thing, but realistically, I don't see a great deal of potential harm, above and beyond pre-existing dissatisfactions between the couple.


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  • She's in a relationship - don't push it. Regardless, I would still hang out with the opposite gender even if I was dating someone. 80% of my friends are guys, so that's just the way it is and he's gonna have to accept that.


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  • She just wants to be friends, Besides she is in a relationship.