Where do I go from here?

This has been the craziest week in my entire life. In a matter of 7 days I met a girl from myspace, went on several dates, had sexual relations, got into an argument over a cat (I have one, and she hates them), and broke up.

The question is where do I go from here? I have so many emotions going through my head right now. Part of me wants to try and work it out but then I would be begging her and I don't beg. Part of me tells me to say F that girl and move on. Part of me says tommorrow let's go out and talk to every girl that I see in order to fill that void quickly. Part of me wants to get back on the myspace grind and try again with a different girl. And part of me is saying stay away from girls period for a while (meaning just be celibate.)

Why is dating this hard?


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  • God, I love the nutso ones. Don't you?

    I'm sorry, but I can't be serious about this, and neither can you. It's been a WEEK. You broke up over a CAT. If there's such a thing a serious relationship, this ain't it.

    What should you do? Depends on how good the sex was. If it was hot, work it out. Don't you dare become her boyfriend, though; madness is catching.

    • Man I don't even know what to call it, definitely not love. I never said it was though, the sex was good but it wasn't good enough to lose my dignity over and become a F'n slave, you know what I mean. I'm still puzzled on what to do now though. It's one thing to hit the gym up, and get dressed up and go to the mall by yourself, and do the grown up single guy stuff. But at the end of the day you still get lonely for female company at night. And that's what I miss at the moment.

    • Dude, that's exactly what a booty call is for, and exactly what this chick needs to be. She's good enough to warm the bed, but there's a dealbreaker (batsh*t-crazy), so you can't date her. Call her, do her, get dressed, leave. This can be simple, unless you complicate it.


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  • I think you need to take time to focus on you. quit worrying about dating and girls and focus solely on you life and what you want out of it., once you figure that out I think things will be much easier. and quit trying so hard to meet girls. you meet the best ones when you least expect it.

  • because you're obviosuly rushing through it.

    take it slow with the next girl, and meet her in the real world not on myspace.


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  • If you want to break up even the smallest thing will do. but if you want to continue a relation it takes a life time. imagine in this way how many relations are you going to break up in your life time just for some petty fights. Always try to make a relation work. you never know the next one can be still bad.