Can you tell by the way a guy kisses you how he likes you?

I made out with this guy. We french kissed then he rubbed my nose with his and kissed me on the cheek. What does that mean? Is that a friendly kiss or does it mean something more?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Every person has their preference, and that just could be his own trademark of kissing. I used to kiss a girl that would do that---rub her nose with mine and I asked her what it meant, and she said she liked doing it. Maybe like my preference to kiss a girl's neck after I kiss them. Means nothing, just that I like them....

    • How do I know he liked me maybe he was just trying to get some action?

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  • French kisses are always more than friendly. I have female friends that would be cool with me kissing them on the cheek or maybe if it was New Year's Eve or something, a quick peck on the lips. They would not, on any occasion, let me stick my tongue in their mouth.

  • I think it means that he likes you and it is not out of just a physical satisfaction. If he is being gentle like that then that means that he cares about you.


What Girls Said 2

  • It could mean he likes you as a little more then again he could just be a sweet guy to hook up with this is a tough one I have been fooled before to think to much of these little actions just let things play out if he pursues you obviously you will know but do not get your expectations up to high.

    • Exactly---thinking too much of these actions is just a waste of time. :)

  • I think he likes you cause he didn't like was too aggressive and was sweet especially the nose rubbing how cute he definitely likes you. that's my opinion I hope it helped.