Getting a date when you are intelligent?

I know that I have a high IQ and that I have the most rare personality type INFJ. It seems like the more I grow up and mature the more difficult it is for me to like someone in a romantic way, and find anyone who might be able to have a relationship with me. I have a high sex drive and I talk to men easily, but I just can't bring myself to really.. be INTERESTED in anyone anymore.

The reason I asked this question, is because I wanted to see if anyone out there was experiencing the same thing I am. Or even has found a way to overcome it. If you are pretty intelligent, how is your romantic and sex life?


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  • Intelligence itself is subject to Frame of Reference...we need to make sure that we do not confuse "annoying" with "stupid" I am a mere mortal with a mere Top Two Percent for reference..I was never snobbish about any facet except for "Intelligence" However...I am changing even on that...for one thing I have an autisitic son...this has taught me much about Life's True Priorities...but I have also found that I do not mind the less intelligent anymore...rather...can I communicate with them?...I do not know is difficult for me to come to conclusion...but you need to be able to interact...if you cannot do so ..then the fault is matter how smart you might be...

    • It is not the fact that I can't communicate with others, I just can't find romantic interest easily.


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  • Interest comes when it comes, with your growing wisdom comes your growing experience. Driving down dead ends puts mileage on the meter, but baby, we're all cautious of our petrol use these daysl. Hahahaha.

  • being intelligent has nothing to do with a romantic life

  • Horrible. I don't like stupid women and stupid people in general. It would be nice to find an intelligent woman that has some goals.

    • Well I'm glad intelligent women are being sought after, and that I'm not the only one trying to avoid having to date a "stupid" person. :P

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  • I finally got "lucky" and found someone on my level. He lives two states away... but I honestly can't picture myself with anyone less intelligent (which includes everyone in my area), so it's worth it.

    All you can do is be patient. There are intelligent guys out there who are frustrated with the plethora of stupid girls around, so they'll be thrilled when they meet you.

    • Thank you, and congratulations on finding someone on your level. :P

  • I'm certainly not a rocket scientist but I do consider myself to be somewhat smart. Unfortunately, when it comes to my dating life and guys in general I've been very stupid. But you live and learn.

    You're under 18. Guys at your age aren't going to be using their brains... They'll be thinking with their penises 100%. You'll have much better luck dating guys worthy of being in a relationship with when you're in college, grad school, etc.

    I'm dating a Mechanical Engineering grad student who is a Research Assistant right now. So it is possible to find someone who is smart and attractive to be with. We haven't had sex yet because we've only been on one date.

    • Mechanical Engineer ;)

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    • You don't tell me anything! Just mark this :(

    • Yeah, honestly that whole under 18 thing is what is making me hold on. The hope that I will find someone once I get of age, and I won't have to be surrounded by teenage boys for much longer. :P