Got a number from a carnie guy?

He kept smiling and waving at me, so I flirted back and waved... Later on he was talking to this girl at the booth, and she came over to me, with a sticky note, his name... Number.. And a message text me if you can? He seemed really friendly..should I text him maybe and ask if he had a Facebook...what should I say..maybe something funny..he was working at a little kids helicopter ride (; ... Need some ideas


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  • So did he give the not to her to give to you? I'd text him and start a convo going. I wouldn't be too funny so he doesn't get annoyed about his job lol. Be friendly and see when he's off and maybe have lunch or dinner together.


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  • What do you have to lose by texting him?

    • nothing really... I was thinking does this sound stupid or cute.. Hey, I'm the girl that you saw on the train ride going no where.. ahah! and then whatever else I can think up.. what do you think?

    • Yeah it's good. Don't over think it just say hi.

    • hey, thanks for replying back to me, I'm def gonna send it out tommorrow (: have a cute message.. probably won't remember me, you never know lol

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  • You do know that carnie guys probably have several girls' numbers.