Did I do something wrong? Why doesn't he seem interested anymore?

So me and my bff decided to date and we used to talk and text all the time and I feel like ever since we got together he really just doesn't care anymore. He doesn't text me or call me like he used to. What should I do?


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  • It could be that while you were friends he knew what to say, but now you are dating, he finds it harder to make conversation. Although I don't believe that, sounds to me that he may have decided that its not a good idea and he is afraid to say. I could be wrong, but you need to ask him, because I would think that once you started dating the text would be a bit more frequent, I know people put up so many rules to keep people interested, but for me I don't like games, and if I liked someone I would text them and make sure I made the effort to show and tell I was interested rather then play hot and cold.

  • Talk and tell him that you are not happy that he doesn't call or text you like before. You are not happy and hope that he can change his communication. Be more attentive to you since now you are dating. If he cares for he'll try to comply with your requests.