She wants me to kiss her? Date is in under 2 hours answer fast please!

so I asked this girl to a movie and were going today in like 1hour and 30 min so I need some quick answers.

what I want to know is if she thinks of me as a friend or more than that? normal I can tell but their is kinda an age difference. first, don't judge me I don't see why age matters more than compatibility, but what ever. she is in 8th grade and I'm a junior in high school. sounds bad but she is 14 and I'm only 16. I'm young for a junior and she is old for an 8th grader.

anyways back to the point. so were going to see the hangover 2 in a bit and since neither of us can drive, her parents are driving is. they also want to see the movie too. but they won't be sitting with us of course. when she told me they wanted to come I said we can find ourselves some nice private seats (; . the winky face was for good measures. much of the talking we do is flirting, just your basic, hey cutie, hey beautiful. I'm taking a shower, wish you were here with me winky face. more stuff than that obviously, but its different depending on the situation and I don't remember like any specifics. anyways, just your basic flirting. but anyhow, I need to know if she wants me to kiss her while were at the movie. can't really wait till after because we will be with her parents in the car and that would be awkward.

how can I tell when or if she wants to kiss me

and were is a good place to do it? during the movie? after the movie if her parents aren't in sight?

pleas help, thanks

also, the basis of this question is that I'm not sure if she thinks I asked her as a friend to the movie or not


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  • . . . . . . So how did that go?


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  • No doesn't seem like a good time to kiss her just yet, especially if her parents will be within close range.

  • I don't think you should kiss her. let her know you feel uncomfortable with her parents there and that you respect her. Put your arm around her and kiss her on the cheek. You can even feed her popcorn :) You don't really want her parents to see you guys or forbid her from seeing you.


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  • only a stupid guy would kiss her while her parenst were near, ( if it is only her mother and she is hot than you can try for thresome ,joking)