How can I hang out wit him secretly?

well I was wondering so if you have a boyrfreind in high school and stuff and ur brother would kill both of you if he knew and ur parents too. and ur brother is a senior and ur a freshman what can you do? how can you hang out wit ur boyfreind


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  • Are you one of those who does a lot of studying? If so tell your folks that you're going to a friend's house to study. On that same line you could say that you're working a project with one or more of your peers and you're going over thier place to do it. Though that can backfire if your folks ask who it is that you're working with.

    I also do NOT encourage lying to anybody, your parents in particular. But due to their attitude towards your freedom I feel an exception can be made. I know I did that before I had my own car.

    You're going to have to use your own judgement beyond that and make sure to cover all your bases before you put your plan in action.


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  • I have the same problem with my boyfriend because of our age diffrence. I walk home with him a lot, or meet between classes or meet each other in the halls before or after school if you don't live near eachother. Staying a second longer then normal won't hurt, but staying 30 minutes longer then normal will. Also go out with boys and girls so when your parents and brother try and guess who your dating in the crowd of your friends they can't. Don't even talk to him until your away from your parents and brothers view.