I'm ready to start dating?

I'm old enough now to where I want to start dating. There are a few things holding me back. I'm a little over weight but I am very tall so I hold it well. Also I'm afraid of dating someone and having there friends pick on me. Or be like eww your dating her. Okay but anyways how can I get out there I'm 14. How do I ask a guy out? Should I look at a guy and smile. I am really mature and ready where do I start>


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  • You'll be fine. Just look around, find a guy that you think you might like, and start talking to him. Once you find a guy you like, keep talking to him, he'll eventually ask you out. It's probably easier to be the girl in this equation, though I couldn't be sure.


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  • Well one thing, please don't give in to the evil ways of the world. One thing you should know is that a guy and even a man for someone my age who is ready to find "that guy" and settle down with, they will tell you ANYTHING to get you in bed. Just don't give in to them. I was once 14 and I was pretty shy, too. I started dating guys and that was all they wanted. Luckily, I waited until I was a little older to make that foolish mistake, but it's definitely not worth the trouble. Wait until you're in love so it will mean something. At least if things do not workout, you can look back and know it wasn't just a hook-up but that it was something special between the two of you. Alright, despite the sex advice, let's get down to business.

    First of all, be yourself. You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. Be happy with yourself because you are who God made you to be and if any guy doesn't like that, it's his loss. Find a guy who you really like, and just get to know each other. You want to make sure that you really get to know each other before you start getting too involved. I'm at the point in my life where I am ready to find someone and settle down, and yet I'm right back where I started. Gave everything I had to one man and yet he doesn't support me in following my dreams. Make sure that you never let a man hold you back from that because we only get one shot at life! Anyway, just get to know each other and hangout. Maybe double date with a few friends since you are young, but try not to get too attached. I remember being your age. I spent so many nights crying over worthless guys who didn't deserve my time. Whatever you do, just remember that this is your teenage years. Have fun, and don't rush anything. :)