Is it a good idea to hang out with this guy?

there's this guy who I met on Facebook he messaged me first; we've been talking since last November; and we talk almost everyday but we don't flirt or anything; were just friends but he had suggested that we should hang out about a month ago and I told him yea that would be cool; we can hang out when your not busy. he even gave me his number before so that I could call him but I couldn't call him because I don't have a cellphone and I'm not supposed to give guys my house number.He seems like a cool guy; I would like hang out with him one day but I'm not sure. Do you think I should hang out with him? Btw; he's 22 and I'm 19


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  • Hang out with him, yeah. Of course. Because I'm a musician, who goes in and out of bands, I meet a lot of people on the internet, so meeting people I've only ever spoken to on Facebook is just second nature, and I have to say if you've spoken to them for a while beforehand it goes without a hitch =]

  • Use your judgement. It's not really something that I'd advise doing, but do what you feel is best.


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