Did I freak him out by telling him he was my first kiss?

Okayyy so last night I hanged out with my friends nd this guy I like, he msged me on fb, asked for my number and called to hangout last night. I danced with him at a school thing before, and have known him for quite a while, anyways so we are hanging out, he rides w me in my car, he's being all friendly and flirty, and when we get to his friends house, we get more friendlier by hugging, wrestling and stuff. Then he keeps asking if he can give me a tour of the house, keep indicaiting a door. So I go with him, (even though I know wats going to happen) and then we go to the couch and he kisses me, like a few times but problem is I've NEVER BEEN KISSED BEFORE, so I tell him this and then he asks if I'm a virgin and I say yes Because I am then he starts acting weird and we go back downstairs, and he acts kind of quiet and distant, I hug him byee and then we leave. My friend luckily talks to his friend and asks him about what happened and he says "its just funny the situation" and that "he thinks his friend likes me" but anyways I heard he is a really good guy, such a sweetheart, but I'm wondering why hasn't he called or texted me yet. Did I freak him out by telling him I was a virgin? and that he was my first kiss? or is it all just in my head? GUYS HONESTLY WOULD YOU FREAK OUT ABOUT THIS OR BE COOL WITH IT? also should I wait for him to text me or should I text him first and what should I say? Thanks for all the help, sorry its long, its just this was my first kiss so I'd kind of like to know what's going on with him. Thanks :)


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  • waitt for him to text. if he doesn't find out through mutual friends what happened though. no because your a virgin would not freak him out...most guys like that. maybe the first time you kissed may have weirded him out a little bit, but I doubt it. maybe you being very forward right off the bat threw him off. sometimes things are better left unsaid.

  • Best I can figure is, as you said he's a nice guy, he was only looking for 1 thing, and he didn't want to take your virginity to get it, because that would be a pretty sh*tty thing to do.


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