Online Dating sites: How do they work, and what is the typical "First Date" like?

I've never used an online dating site, and didn't planned on doing so. However, I've recently come to the realization that soon I may not have much of a choice.

I am skeptical of this method of dating because it seems superficial. You kind of filter everyone out based on their picture, what they have accomplished, how much money they make, etc. It caters to the narcissists. Egos are boosted insanely high, making it difficult to even net someone "in your league".

The "first dates" as depicted on those commercials make it seem like a dinner with your new boss. It just seems uncomfortable!

Those are my impressions on online dating sites. Those with experience please give me some clarification as to what REALLY goes down. Questions are in the title.

Let me reiterate the last paragraph:

Those are my impressions on online dating sites. Those with experience please give me some clarification as to what REALLY goes down. Questions are in the title.


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  • I have dated several people from different sites. The site that I found to be the best was Plenty of Fish, you can chose what to show or not to show and you get to write whatever you want about yourself. It can seem superficial at times but I have meet people through many other outlets ie blind dates, going new places, at work...but online dating has put me in touch with a lot more people that I have things in common with.

    Most dating sites have a way of communication that doesn't give your email address or phone number to a match unless that is what you want. I won't give out my cell number until I have known them for a couple of months and want to meet them face to face. A typical first date is meet up over coffee or a public place that you both might enjoy and can sit down and talk. I won't do dinner because it could be messy and I don't like the idea of one person paying for another...I have seen many guys asked out for drinks and just been used for their wallet.

    Sometimes it is difficult to "net" someone in your own league but maybe that will work out to your advantage! That's how it worked out for my partner...even though we came from very different backgrounds its erie how many things we have in common and the differences just add spice to our relationship. Our first date was about 8 months after we started talking online and it was the most fun beach date that I have ever been on. We met at a coffee shop and it was closing so we went to the beach and watched the waves and stars and talked about our lives and our individual futures.

    I have been on bad dates but you just can't let them get you down...there are plenty of people on earth! I'm sure there is one out there for you, maybe one just as hesitant as you are to use a dating site. As everyone knows, just be careful how much information you give out online. Give yourself time to gain trust in person just as you would in a new friendship.

    • Avoiding dinner seems like a nice plan to me! Thanks for the insight, Miss Anonymous!


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  • honestl better then in person you talk before you meet I met my ex on craigslist people normal don't there lol we dated a year and a half so anything is possible we where pretty serious at one point so yeah ... I made him wait a month too meet to see how he was I meet him via web cam we talked via webcam for a month then we met and it was couldn't be more perfect :-) sadly he cheated and ended but yeah anything is possible I know people who got married after they met the one off online

  • you are extremely judgemental

    • I take it you judged me before reading the question.

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    • Then your comprehension is a bit off.

    • I personaly don't believe in online relationships,even though I have friends who have married their spouces from these sites.

      He wrote those where his IMPRESSIONS of wich he is asking for peoples personal expieriences with said sites instead of being ignorant and assuming.

      I must say you didn't read his post very well because your responce was not what he asked of .

      In regards to the question of the OP I can't help I personally don't believe in online dating and as of yet have had no need for i

  • It's really not like what you think at all. Pictures aren't everything. You can't tell everything from a pic. You get to know their personality first. And income is not shown

    • Thanks for clearing up a few things. As for the pictures not mattering... ehhh...

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  • Never done it, but how is it any different to meeting someone in a bar? You don't judge someone on their personality in a bar, you start talking to them because they look nice. You both know exactly what the other is after, just like online dating.

    No more/less superficial.

  • Don't do it unless your willing to settle. The women that you're interested in will ignore you and the ones you're not will message you.