Kissing trouble! I need help!

Lets say I went to an LGBT club last night. I played spin the bottle. I met some really hot girl (she is gay). The rule was if you point at the same person more than once you have to kiss more intimately. I tried to kiss her that way but she just had her mouth to my mouth. I tried sticking my tongue in there, but 1) she wasn't doing it back, 2) her mouth is strange so like, my tongue just rubbed against her teeth. my mouth was numb from the teeth. She said the reason why she didn't do it back was because she didn't expect that. She brought her ex-girlfriend with her. She said that they've kissed and they both did it right.

One of the staff said no making out in the game. I wasn't sure if he meant just during the game or not at all. I see other people do it.

I really like this girl. I wanna get to know her more. I wanna have a chance to be her girlfriend AND kiss her. I don't wanna kiss her at the place because its too crazy. I want it to be special. How can I make a move? How can I express my feelings to her?


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  • sounds like she is not actually interested in you honestly. There are likely other girls there that you may like you could try them I am sure you will think others are cute.

    • i barely know her. I only met her once. what if this is because we're not dating? in fact that's not even the question. the only way I can know if I ast. the question is, how can I make a move?

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    • I am not lesbian so I am not sure if you flirt with girls the way guys do but just give hints you like her and stuff.


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  • I suppose you could get to know her as a good friend :D take it slow and it can escalate into something more :) but I think she found that your kissing was a bit overwhelming at first, so if you get to be her girlfriend she'd be the kind of person who'd want to not rush things and take it slowly :)

  • Well she gave you the explanation that she didn't expect it so why don't you meet up with her and try to get to know her and try again. If she does the same thing sorry that guy was right she's just not interested in you.