Should I leave it alone and call it quits?

so I've talked to this guy for like four years and I really like him. I knw he likes me but we Haven't dated. we Haven't haad the chance to date and now he is in the army so its not legal because I'm not 18. but it seemed like he really cared about me and that maybe he even loved me. so one night we were talking to him and I acidently made it known that I loved him. that ended in him talking to me for a couple minutes and now he won't talk to me. what should I do just leaave it alone and wait for him to text or just call it quits and say f*** it?


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  • DON'T just leave it alone and say f*** it, that may be the exact same thing he is thinking, but in the end this will only hurt you and you will regret it.

    I know to do that is the easier way but I don't think it's the best way.

    • well then what should I do? I haven't talked to him in almost a week and a half if not two weeks. we never used to go a day without talking and now its just silence between us.

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  • give us an update. What happened? how do you feel now?