Summer romance stories?

Have you ever had a summer fling? If so tell me about it.

I'm interested in having one .

Tell me how it started, how it was, and how it ended.


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  • I'd started hanging out with this girl I met at the beach while I was vacationing in Hawaii. She had a brother. A very, very, attractive brother. We flirted a lot and started spending our time together. We explored different parts of the island, or would just chill at the beach or at one of our hotel pools. My dad was busy golfing and my mom scarcely left the hotel because she is so pale and didn't want to get sunburned, so I was free to do whatever I wanted. It was a lot of fun. But unfortunately, our last day together, he got CREEPILY clingy. Like, he was saying instead of going home we should run away together and live on the beach. He was just saying all sorts of crazy things. The next day when I was leaving he kept calling me and following me around and I had to get his sister to distract him so I could quickly run back to my hotel, get my stuff, and escape to the airport! He kept calling me for two weeks after I was home and would leave me voicemails. But he eventually gave up because I never answered. He lives in LA, in the same town as my sister. And every time I go to visit her I'm afraid I'm going to run into him! I never have though. didn't end well. It's too bad he was a mega stalker. But it was so fun in the moment! I wasn't looking for a fling, it just sorta happened.


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  • i moved to florida one summer before I started 7th grade and stayed with my aunt for a while. turns out she had a neighbor who had a veryy good looking son my age and since his parents and my aunt were good friends we hung out with our fmilies together, and eventually the summer before 8th grade we started hanging out which turned to endless flirting and long phone calls at night, then to hanging out at the beach and pool without our families and before we knew it we were always together acting like a couple, pretty much inseperable that summer. but my aunt lives in a different town, so we went to different middle schools so our fling ended once school started again... but now I go to the same high school as him and we still like each other and just went on a date on Friday night, so I guess in a way my 'summer fling' only ended for a short time and were together now

  • i don't do flings because then I'm going to not want it to end and of course it has to end since it's just a fling