Lady would you date a guy who's into arts but has no cash?

He skills as a writers and poet is very witty and funny but he's dead broken and looks like me.

He has skills as a writers and poet and is very witty and funny but he's dead broken and looks like me.


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  • Yes I would date a guy like can't make me happy as long as I have a man I love all I need is him. Although having money is amazing and is so powerful but so evil..but as long as I'm with my lover and he loves me back we can't make it through thick and thin..

    I hate any type of people that will do anything for money and is gold don't think that you can't get a lady cause you don't have a lot of money.good luck

  • No, you need money to survive, and you're not my type of guy either (looks).

    • I don't have looks your saying?

      well of acting and modeling agent and so I maybe everybody type guy lol (just saying I could make big if I get lucky)but care if I'm not your type guy because their more fish in sea then on land lol

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    • Just an example, you're supposed to say it took time (cuz it's past tense, you already did it) or it takeS time, but was able to do, and that's a run on sentence. And I published my articles on an international newspaper, meaning, it went to many countries not just where I lived. That was when I was 16. Regardless, good luck, it's tiring so let's end this convo.

    • who gives a fuc about this . I already know but I'm not trying to get all academic and lame on here

  • probably not. all that stuff is great on paper, but you need money to survive

  • idk what you look like but I like artistic types but I rarely meet guys like this. if I really liked him it wouldn't matter, we'd just clip coupons and try to go to free/cheap things. I'm broke too lol


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