All he wants to do is stay on his computer. My boyfriend says that he wants to spend time with me, then why does he do this?

Me and my boyfriend likes to hang out but lately all he wants to do is stay on his computer. I mean its so frustrating that I just stay on my phone. What can I do to make him get off the computer and spend more time with me?


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  • People do to you what you let them do to you, remember that. If you are going out of your way to spend time with him when you have a sea of other options available and your free time matters too, don't keep putting up with that. My suggestion is don't spend as much time together so that when you are actually hanging out, it won't be so taken for granted and abused. If he wants to play on his computer, he can play by himself. There's a time and place for electronics and a time and place for you. Unless he's including you and you are both doing something together on the computer, don't put up with it. Let him know that your time is valuable and that if he's going to stay on the computer, you are going to leave. Go do something else, it's your time, too.


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  • no more sex. just kidding. start doing something that you like to do,hobby , sports, do your own thing and see how he likes it...but not out of spite. but because you like to.


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  • my boyfriend sometimes does that too, we live together and I sometimes go with him too work and stuff like that when he was on the computer all the time, spent most of his time with friends I ended up sitting down with him and telling him I wanted him alone for even just an hour and to watch a movie, go for a walk ect on our own without computers or cells it worked

  • Have a date night without any electronics

    • I've tried that he couldn't last a whole hour before he grabbed his phone

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    • that can work. thank ill try that

    • good luck. let us know how it went