Been a week since he talked to me..I refuse to text first or tell him I'm into him?

what should I say when he does text or maybe not ever again...last time he texted me was last Friday at 10 wanted me to come over I said no I have a lady


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  • Have you heard of this thing called talking? I hear its a fairly new concept.

    • i have heard of it..but he's not opening the doors me :( like for me to tell him how I feel..


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  • Why do you refuse to text him first?

    • becuz he don't show interest :( :( ugh..but yea cause its jus shows I don't care but I doooooo what the f***

    • I think you're overanalyzing the situation :)

      Imagine that you decide to text him. You say, "Hey, long time no talk!" What do you think is the worst thing that could happen? Won't it make you feel better to give it a shot?

  • you need to text him

  • I wouldn't text him first either because if he's really that interested he'll contact you.

    • no sh*tttttt

    • so when/if he contacts you, I would just be happy and chatty and busy. I wouldn't say anything about the fact that he hasn't contacted you for x number of days. I try to avoid all sentences that start with "Why didn't you..."

    • awww thanks girl :) but that's how I act if you read my question it says that I act like I don't give a rats ass..ect all the sh*t..i saw him the about 2 weeks ago and he gave a hug and I was very soft with it than he picked me up hug after I left..n sh*t..but he don't know I like him and crazy for scared to tell him if he tells me I would so be up to telling him you know!:(