We hooked up, he still hangs out with me, but I'm not sensing signs of interest

One night one thing led to another, but a few days later he still keeps in contact with me -- which I wasn't expecting. I was actually surprised. Yes. I was interested before we hooked up too. A month gone by and we've gotten to know each other even more and have hung out quite a bit, watched movies, and so on. He's been the one making more initiative to hang out [we live in the same apartment complex], but I do my part as well.

however, I'm oblivious. I read another RAELLY good post here that no matter what , a guy will do what he can to be around you - even if this means being in the same room just to look at you across the room.

the reason why I think he's not interested [despite all those efforts huh?] is that when we watch movies especially, he doesn't do anything. I've done my part of inching closer and closer, but nothing.

Although we hooked up once, everything since then has been very friendly, and obviously he likes to hang out with me but I am unconvinced that he is interested. I am interested. but I don't want to make a move that will make him uncomfortable [like. grab his arm during a movie.]

I read here and there that if a guy isn't interested, he'd avoid you. clearly he's not avoiding me. but then it's like, how often do you boys keep in touch with a girl that you hooked up with that you didn't really know all that well, and continually hang out with her ?


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  • sounds like he just doesn't know how to make the first move. maybe he is good at closeing on a situation but turning it into somethign afterwards isn't one of his strong points. the easirst solution to everything is to to just talk about it. its going to be awkward but then again what isn't these days? it will help figure things out and at least you will have a solution to your problem.


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  • maybe he just interested in hook ups and that about it .


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  • Hmm maybe he's just shy and doesn't know where to go from there?

    I'd say it's a good sign if he lets you invade his personal space though. Maybe next time you guys sit down to watch a movie, jump up to get a glass of water or go to the bathroom or something before the movie starts; when you come back sit down next to him so that your legs touch lightly, just to "test the water." Maybe he'll get the message after a few of these.