How to best "get back out there" and meet the right girl for me?

I've been out of the dating game for a while, so to speak. I had a brief relationship during my senior year of college 2 years ago, then a handful of dates in the interim, but nothing substantial came of them. The girls in those situations either didn't have mutual feelings or weren't looking for a relationship - but hey it happens, no hard feelings. Basically, I just wanted to ask for some input on the best way to go about putting myself out there so that some cute, sweet girls will notice me. Just need to specify that I'm a loyal, creative guy who's not about hooking up/casual sex or the bar/party scene (left that behind in college, haha) - any ideas?


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  • Man to man, just get out there and do it- but before you do, got a question 4 ya- doya know what kinda chick you want? Do ya know what you want from a relationship? Trust me, I've been there- dude, get somewhere you know the typa girl you like will be there. A book club, even a gym will do it. Just one guy's opinion.

    • Yeah, I want a sweet, intelligent, low-key girl to develop a long-term relationship with. I suppose I had looked for the "right" girl in the "wrong" places in the past, but I know where I have to look now. Thank you for your advice.

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  • you sound like a great guy just be your self and when you start talking to a women and she is interested in you then let her know that you are looking for a seriouse relationship not a one night stand a week long fling or anything of the sort and ask her what she is looking for so that both of you know what you are getting into and so that when she says what she is looking for then you will both know were you stand good luck and what ever you do do not be indecisive a women will lose interest in you or think that you don't want her say what you really really want in a relationship

  • just go up to a girl and be like. hey do you think that finding the right girl is a bad thing? and be like I think your the one.(if you truly feel that way) and then just sweet talk them. that always works!


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  • Read The Game by Neil Strauss. It's a good primer of what's attainable for getting women to notice you. As for actually doing so, pick up a copy of Rules of the Game by Strauss as well. Furthermore check out the PUA Field Guide by Decibel:


    I've got a bunch of stuff on my blog that will come in handy as well, not to mention a ton of links to community resources: link