Why do guys kiss you then not call?

I met a great guy and we seemed to really hit it off, he even asked me for my number and said we should hang out sometime. He ended up asking me if he could kiss me and we did, quite a lot. He texted me when he got home and said that we should hang out the next day. I didn't hear from him and today at 5 am I guess he texts me which I didn't get till earlier this morning. I texted back and still haven't heard from him. What's the deal? He initiates everything then doesn't really do anything. Can someone explain this?


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  • this happened with me too initially in the beginning of relationship.he always initiated things,even for kisses etc..but he never proposed.i would say confirm if he is serious about the relationship,or else he would break your heart taking kisses and go away.my ex did the same things as yours,when I wanted to confront with him about the same,he had nothing to say but wanted break up as an escape.he had another girls to play with and wanted only physical satisfaction.so all the best :)

  • He might be stringing you along because you're not the only girl he's dealing with. 5 am is way to early to text someone. He must have been out all night. It's too early to give a definite answer to your question. Just wait and see.