Do you think she likes me?

So this girl goes to my work and I seen her on the train so I talked to her for like 3 min and she added me on Facebook because she was already friends with my mom so anyway the next day she asked if I had bbm so I gave her my number and since then we been texting all the time and she even says good morning and offer to pick me up a drink she always sends these in text message's ( :), ;),:p) so I meet up with her on the train again today we talked for 30 min before she got off and after she sent me a text saying thanks for the company on the train and we should do it all the time and here is how 1 text went

Her- you know those winks (because I always made these- ;) ) there going to get you in trouble.

me- ha ha and why is that? :p

Her- oh just because, just go with me on this one hehe! :d lol

her-.. trouble isn't always a bad thing thought, lol

So yea that's how that went so do you think she likes me? but the thing is on Facebook it looks like she has a boyfriend on Facebook but they could be broken up and she just never took the pictures down . also she is 24 and I am 19 so why would she even like me or date me


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  • sounds like she's flirting,


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  • it does seem like she's flirting with you :p

    and some older girls go for younger guys.

  • dont easily ssumed that this girl like you.. instead make a move for her to like you!
    good luck!


What Guys Said 1

  • man... she's def flirting with you.