Should I try speed dating? I need help. Please see details and link...thanks.?

I'm in my mid-twenties and haven't had a relationship or dated. I really don't have any idea on how to meet men. I've tried to strike up conversations, such as at school or work (and they know I am single), but they don't seem interested romantically. So, I was thinking about giving speed dating a try. So my question is (well, really two questions)

1) What do you think about speed-dating? Is it something worthwhile?

2) If you are a guy, am I aesthetically pleasing? Like, on a scale of 1-10 how would I rate? Please see link (I'm serious, not joking, so please give an honest answer).


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  • Try online dating. You will meet a lot of people that way and there's little risk.


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  • Haven't tried speed dating. You're a 7.


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  • No homo , But your really pretty .. Guys are crazy not to want to talk to you! The right guy is gonna come along soon , but if you wanna try speeddating .. you should its up to you . I think it's actually pretty cool ... And you should try eharmony or or , I'm sure you would find someone on them sites. You would rate a 6 .. honestly ( :

    - Plus while your single , you have time to focus on yourself . Guy's aren't everything ... but I hope you find Mr.Right sooner or later , Good Luck!