Guys would you be OK with dating a girl with ADHD, Depression and Anxiety?

plus who is receiving help from the government because of her disability?

knowing that she is a great and sweet loving person with a great personality! would you wanna still date her even tho she got those disabilities and told you about them and goes to the psychiatrist every 3 months plus takes meds?

please explain your answer.

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  • No I would not date a girl like that.
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  • If I was genuinely interested in a girl, I already like her for her! Why would a mental health disorder (correct term?) change that?

    Alot of people nowadays have some sort of baggage, I think a mental health disorder is no different in that aspect! except that they didn't have any choice in the matter. Some baggage people have are a result of bad choices ( not all, so don't go biting my head off, lol.) The fact is every relationship ( ideally the outcome after dating some you like,) has to learn to cope, deal with, get past each others issues, and new ones down the line. It might be a little more complicated at first but if it is someone special then its worth the extra effort!

    Bottom line, yes I would, But I'd expect them to be commited to helping themselves, taking doctors advice, meds, therapy, support from friends, family etc, and anything else that helps.

    And to be patient with me ( as I would be with them ) while I learn the specifics about the disorder, so I know what to expect and how to help.

    • thank you for your answer and your explanation as well I really appreciate it! :) its just I want to tell the guy I am dating about it all I mean so far he knows about the ADHD and he said that its fine with him and that he really likes me and that there is no such thing as normal. but I am just affriad that by me telling him the rest he will lose interest in me! :(

    • Your welcome :)

      If he's already said he's fine with ADHD and there no such thing as normal, (well said by the way, lol,) I wouldn't see it as a problem to tell him the rest.

      I'd say tell him sooner rather than later though, better for him to know and understand how to handle it, than for him to discover it and not know what to do.

    • OK :) thank you I will tell him, again thank you for your advice my friend!


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  • It takes a strong individual with determination to make a dedication to anyone with problems. But then again, who does not have problems? You will need: an independent guy, self-starter, some form of background social / family issues that will be able to recognize; personalities, choices from symptoms. These are examples, "if a potential partner has not been there, they won't be able to find you." Start with some understanding from the opposite gender as friends or try some new hobbies or experience new activities. The changes for your interests may give you more tools to work with emotionally and provide a different perspective during a combination-symptomatic moment where you are just trying desperately not to "drown." Get to the root of what is happening to you, become the individual you can be while you discover what your "normal" truly is. Psychiatrists write prescriptions, psychologists work out your issues. Good luck.

    • the guy I am talking to is an alimentary teacher of science and math and is very ambitious he is also aiming for his masters. and has a father who was an alcoholic and verbally abusive. I told that I had ADHD but I didn't tell him about depression and anxiety and about my help that I recive from the government, he knows I take welbetrin because I told him it was for my adhd. should I tell about the rest of the stuff and if yes when would be a good time. some say the sooner the better?!

    • Judge the whole relationship at that level of personal or intimate circumstance. What I mean is: don't set yourself up for failure or regret. If he offers you more of his burdens with a level of emotional control, then maybe the baggage you carry won't look so intimidating. Your mate should be understanding but, we are only human.

  • Sure. I have all three of those anyway.

  • I lived with one with some of those issues as well as bipolar disorder and a history of cutting. It was exhausting. I tried my best. Probably wouldn't do it again anytime soon, but I'd never say never.

  • yh I would I've been depressed before I've met people with adhd

    i nwouldnt have anything against dating you ;0

  • No. To be frank, that sounds like my cousin. She's 35, lives at home off of "disability" checks, and she has a son who's more mentally mature and capable than she is. She's nice, sure, but she has the mind of a 12 year old girl, dates some really sh*tty guys, makes HORRIBLE decisions overall, and loves to stir up drama for entertainment. She's fine as a cousin, but I would never date or marry someone like that.


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  • I probably wouldn't date a guy with those 3 things, I know it sounds harsh but its just too much. no offense.