If girls supposedly like guys, then why don't girls ever flirt with nice guys?

Girls on this site are always like "no nice guy ever asks me out". Well...did you communicate interest to the nice guy?

Let's go over the question again. I asked:

"If girls supposedly like guys, then why don't girls ever flirt with nice guys?"

I did NOT ask:

"Why don't girls like nice guys?"

Through my question, I'm trying to emphasize the disparity between what girls say and how they act.

The question should read: If girls supposedly like NICE guys, then why don't girls ever flirt with nice guys?

My bad. My bad.

I just caught the mistake.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Girls don't see it. We want nice guys but want a guy that is wild and exciting well some of us anyways. "nice guys" are in some of our minds either taken or gay. Which is not true of course but we look for the very attractive men with all the girls and hope they are "nice guys" and when they arnt girls think "oh there are no nice guys in the world". Another thing is when girls get hurt that's how we feel its a deffence mechanism.


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What Girls Said 5

  • I sure did and I heard from his family members that he really, really liked me. He didn't make a move so I did...guess what? He rejected me!

  • Some girls are too shy.

  • probably because nice girls don't really flirt back, they're not that teasing

    • Then how does one know if a nice girl is interested?

  • Not only do I flirt with them, I date them and have wild, swinging from the chandarliers sex with them.

  • some guys just act like they're asexual. most girls are used to a guy who shows some type of interest, not the guys who clam up around girls or act like a "friend". if you treat me like a friend then I figure that's how you'll see me. why can't the nice guys step up and do what men do?


What Guys Said 2

  • There's some general traits that people just want in their partner. Men want women who are kind. Women want men who are confident. Women don't want an insecure beta any more than we want a controlling harpy.

    So when women can choose between men, they pick whoever steps outside his comfort zone to try and connect with women, regardless of whether they communicate interest or not. Evolutionary psychology is a tough nut to argue against, no matter how unfair it might seem.

    • See the question update above.

    • My answer is as clear as it gets. Conscious or subconscious, on some level they want guys who don't need clearly communicated interest. That being said, how "clearly" interest is communicated is up to interpretation, a lot of guys, if not a majority, today are incredibly dense when it comes to reading women's interest levels.

    • I didn't say your answer was not clear, I meant that your answer did not go with my question. But then I realized there was a word left out of my question.

  • If all you had to do was sit back and choose from among the tons of people who hit on you every day, what would you do?