To be honest or not to be.....

Well my boyfriend has more experience then me. I waited till I was older to kiss a guy and he's already had sex. I didn't tell him that I've never kissed a guy and we've kissed. Should I tell him that he was my first kiss? Or should I keep that to myself. I think maybe he thinks that I've done the things that him and I do with other guys before. When in fact all this is kinda new to me.


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  • You should tell him. I don't think he'll stop liking you, because that would be a pretty frivolous reason to stop have feelings for someone. Which incase he is not a very good boyfriend. But none the less, tell him! It won't hurt anything, hell he could even like it.


What Girls Said 1

  • omgsh.i was in the same pickle only my boyfriend and I are still both virgins planning to keep it that way for a while. But he had had a serious girlfriend before so he had a little more experience than I did, so I felt kind of funny.i was really panicking over the first kiss because I didn't want to make it rotten. Turns out I did great, so it was nothing to worry about. And yes, I did tell him it was my first and I think he was really flattered, not weirded out. So go ahead and tell him! What do you have to lose?

    Disclaimer: I have heard of guys who PRETEND to be disgusted with your "lack of experience" but don't fall for it. It's a very old trick they use to get you to feel embarrassed and thus GET MORE EXPERIENCE WITH THEM. Don't fall for it! But I think that your boyfriend will think it's sweet that he's your first. And he will like that you're not comparing him to x number of people you've kissed before.

    Good luck! I hope this was helpful : )