Dating right after a break up?

Me and my ex recently broke up and in that short amount of time he's already been seeing 4 different girls . Did he move on that fast or is he trying to get a distraction from me on his mind?


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  • It sucks but he's just trying to move on. Some people do that by dating new people.

    It doesn't mean you never meant anything, it just means he's doing his best to move on.

    You should do the same :). Get out there and find some cute, new, available guys!


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  • Seems like a distraction to help him move on. Like the anon below me said, it depends. He might also just be relishing his freedom and trying to "play the field" or something.

  • That sounds like a distraction if he's jumping from girl to girl but it's quite possible he has moved on too. It all depends on how he felt about you & who did the breaking up. If you dumped him he could also be trying to get you jealous or p*ss you off.

    I'd go with the distraction tho


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  • Dating right after a break up?

    Yes, it happens.

    Usually it's to fill a void, and also a distraction from what he's already used to doing with you and emotionally. But there's also a chance that they just genuinely didn't care as much, especially they weren't emotionally attached to the girl in the first place.

    Did he move on that fast or is he trying to get a distraction from me on his mind?

    Both. He moved on too fast, perhaps thinking that he's over you and the relationship. But inside, he's still struggling to get used to not having you as a girlfriend and readjusting his life. However, that doesn't mean he's still into you or liking you.