First date advice for the late bloomer?

Hey, people! I'm going on my first ever date. I'm 22 years old, never been kissed or had a boyfriend. I met an amazing guy (24) who has asked me to dinner and drinks. I'm a little worried since we'll be spending time in the restaurant and at a bar, alone and quiet. He's actually pretty shy (I'm SUPER nervous around him and I feel extra virginal whenever he looks at me - he's so hot!)

nevertheless, what should I expect? what should I wear? how do these things work? I'm pretty happy with who I am individually, but this guy just makes me happy and I want to leave a good impression without my dorkiness getting in the way... Oh and if he tries to kiss, aside from panic, what should I do since I don't know what the hell I'm doing?

he has no idea that I've never been kissed, etc. I don't wish to tell him that in fear of freaking him out... I definitely know he's had a girlfriend (we met when he was dating someone a year ago) and not a virgin (mutual guy pal). PLEASE GIVE ME ANY ADVICE! Thanks :)


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  • If he has asked you out, then its all in the bag because he accepts you for who you are) he had a choice whether to ask you out or not , and he made that choice, so act like usuall ) don't change anything in you and just be yourself ;)


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  • nothing to worry about because girls can do very few things to turn off or creep out a guy


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  • you might not have to worry about kissing on the 1st date.

    I agree, just be yourself, if your dorkiness gets in the way, who cares it will prbably make it better & make him more comfortable since he is shy. & who wants to go on a date and you just talk the whole entire time..(not me) Boring.

  • wear something you're comfortable in. if you're not comfortable, you're going to be fidgeting and that's not good

    and relax. don't worry about kissing, etc. Worry about being comfortable around him