Should I go or should I say no?

I had my ex ask me to go hang out with him (just as friends) for a drink. I have a boyfriend been together a long time. But the thing boyfriend went behind my back and hung out with his ex multiple times and never told me, I had to find out from his ex. I was more furious that he lied because if you have to hide it then maybe there is something else he was hiding. My boyfriend doesn't think he did anything wrong, and he still continues to talk to her after I told him I'm not comfortable with it. Now I know two wrongs don't make a right, but if it's OK for him to do it, should i? I know he would be mad if I went. I just hate how it's OK for him to do things but not me.


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  • i'm not justifying what he did, but you are doing exactly the same. it will just end up leading down a bad road if you do stuff like this just because he did. anyway why do you want to go hang out with your ex instead of your boyfriend?

    • I want to because my boyfriend did, I know that sounds childish but it makes me so mad that he went behind my back and thinks he did nothing wrong. So if he's allowed to go be friends with his ex, then I should be allowed too.

What Girls Said 1

  • Go give him a taste of his own medicine