I like her but?

OK. A few months ago me and this girl started to hang out. I learned that she is super cool and unique. Well, I give her all kinds of hints that I like her. She responded to them well and she said that she wanted to kiss me. I was really happy. Now, fast forward about a week and she starts dating some other guy! I was very sad. They stayed together for a few months. So, a few days ago, she asks me if I can come visit her, so I did. She tells me that her excuse for a boyfriend cheated on her and they broke up. And all of a sudden she wants to start hangin out again. What do I do? One side of me says that something isn't right about that but the other side of me really likes her still. Advice?


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  • It sounds like you were her back-up. Not saying that's the case, but she didn't seem to like you enough to want to date you first.

  • Don't bother. She's all over the place and doesn't know what SHE wants. She'll just keep moving on to the next and the next and so on. You'll end up getting hurt with this one