Why Do Guys Do This? Do They Not Care?

This guy I used to date for a year dumped me and ever since then we have been trying to be friends but it hasn't been working, recently he sent me an email saying he loves me and he still wasnt over me, so I gave him another chance and he even managed to come over and see me, a week later he began to ignore my emails, giving the excuse that he has a bad internet connection and he doesn't get my emails, and when I send him an email telling him that I am tired of him ignoring me and that we can't have any contact anymore then he wants to call me (from a private number) asking me why am I saying this and that he loves me and wants to be with me.Its seems like every time I try to turn away he wants to get in good terms and when we do.he ignores me until I tell him I am tired of this game he's playing.why is he doing this?


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What Guys Said 1

  • maybe he's using you as a rebound while he's going through some tough time with another girl , tell him he need to make his mind and stop these games or he'll never get you back .


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  • He's stuck between you and another girl. Most likely he's having problems with this other girl and is trying to keep you as his rebound. He's doing it because you let him. If he cared or loved you he flat out wouldn't treat you like that. Goodluck