At what age would you believe something was wrong with a guy if he has never been on a date?

Don't say that there is no age because there is a point for sure where you would not want a guy who never dated.


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  • Right now, I would date guys 21 and up. And at this point, I'd be weirded out if he'd never been on a date. I've just dealt with way too many inexperienced guys in my time. Trying to teach how to date, how to have sex, how to be in a relationship. I'm just tired of teaching. I'd only be interested in dating a more experienced guy at this point so that I can finally relax.

    • I guess I am one of the guys you don't want


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  • I don't give a sh*t if a guy hasn't dated before. Some guys just don't have time, others never got interested, who knows.

    Call me a liar if you want but it's true. Who really gives a sh*t if a guy has dated before? He just might not have found the right girl.

    I'd need to know his reasons for not dating in order to judge whether or not I would date him. It's the reasons that matter, not the time span.

    • I understand what you mean I just worry girls will have a problem

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  • probably over 30.

  • I would say 19, which is the time I started saying to myself "sh*t I need to get a date, like now."