This guy keeps on suggesting we should hangout, however he leaves the rest up to me. What's his deal?

This guy keeps on saying we should hang out...however, he leaves the ball in my court. What is he doing? Does he not really want to hang out?

What do I say to him, because I DO want to hang out...he seems to leave it up to me to take care of?


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  • Yep, what they said. He wants to hang out, he's just not sure if you really want to or if you're just saying you want to so you don't hurt his feelings. He's not sure if you like him so he's just throwing the idea out there hoping that you'll show interest in him by making plans. Just ask him out somewhere.


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  • Hes not sure if you really want to.. He's letting you decide if you want him

    Just ask him out

  • it means he's trying to find out if you are really willing to hangout or not


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