Does age really matter?

What do you think of a 16 year old girl dating a 21 year old guy?


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  • These questions are kind of tricky, because there's certain things to be taken into account:

    1. Legal stuff

    If you guys sleep together (which you ultimately will,) it counts as sexual assault on a minor. If your parents aren't cool with it, or you get really mad at him, things could go to court, and that could ruin his life having that on his record.

    2. At 16, your still pretty immature

    So many teens like to go around saying " I'm mature for my age, I'm not stupid like normal teens, blah blah blah..." when in actuality, your still pretty inexperienced and naive to a lot of things. Plus, at that age, your still trying to feel confident in who you are, figure out the type of person you want to be, and have bigger priorities like finishing school and preparing for your future.

    3. What are his motives?

    I find it odd that a 21 year old guy, could not get a girl his age, or purposely did not get a girl his age. It's easier to snatch up high school girls, because they are naive and thrilled by the idea of dating someone who is in that age range. You will be having sex with the guy whether you want or not, because he is an adult, and is seasoned for it. If you refuse, he'll probably leave you. So what are his deep underlying motives for dating you? A 21+ year old often has their own responsibilities to take care of, like working or schooling. Plus, at that age, most people want to party, have random flings, and just enjoy being young. So you may want to consider that. And don't be so naive to feed into " Oh, your mature for your age..." or " Your just so beautiful I couldn't pass you up," anything along those lines.

    4. Maybe it is love?

    On the other hand, you get the RARE occasion in which the 21+ year old is actually very much genuine with their adolescent partner, and is dating them for a legit relationship. It's very very occasional, but I have seen it happen before. I say you keep yourself abstinent for a good month or two (if your active,) or hold onto your virginity and see if he sticks around. If he has other ideas, he'll be gone in some weeks - but then you'll know his true intentions.

    5. What to do with him?

    So, based on the previous writes, I'd say you have a lot to consider before dating this guy. The choice is ultimately up to you, but these relationships usually encounter issues. I know it's cool and all that he's 21, but he's still a guy, can and will break your heart if he chooses. Or use you, and either case sucks.

    From experience, I've seen both outcomes, but more so, was the situation where the high school girl was dated just because it'd be easier to convince her to do sexual things.

    Give it a few days thought at least.

    • Yeah it just happened to me I started talking to this 21 year old and he used me, I am really turned off by guys at the moment I don't want to date anyone. Thanks for the long list of advise, it did help some what but I regret ever giving him my number, very bad idea.

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    • Yep no problem :D good luck with love - you'll find someone who deserves you and will treat you like the queen you are XD

    • Aww thanks, good luck to you too!


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  • To love each other- there would be nothing wrong with it , love is love ----- but its illegal to do other fun things ;)


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  • It's not right. If she were 20 and he were 25 it wouldn't be such an issue.

    A 16 y/o needs to be around 16 y/o's

  • age is just a stupid number, that we shouldn't count,

    hahaha, I wonder how many down votes I'l get :)

  • Nah, not that big of a gap. The only concern would be the legal age of consent.

    • Everyone focuses on only the numbers; sure it's only 5 years, but it's the mentality you have to consider. A lot of 20+ year old guys aren't too interested in love at that age...

  • Illegal.

  • no

  • that's sick