Why won't he leave me alone?...(please read all)

Basically me and this boy started taking at school. I really wanted to go out with him but he was always playing games when I questioned him about us.even my friend question him but every time someone would question him he would say, I don't know?then like a couple weeks later I found out he was trying to choose between me and this other girl.as soon as I heard the bad news I stopped texting/talking to him.he finally noticed a week later and ever since he noticed he has been really tryna talk to me and make me hug him and asking why I don't call him anymore.also asking is he still important.even one day on the bus he took my purse and I had to fight with him then he laid his head on my shoulder.its just really weird. .please answer!


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  • well, I would tell him how you feel. tell him the mind games are childish and you don't appreciate them. honesty is the best policy and he will respect you more for it too. but don't be rude. be nice about it. but, you're lucky, at least he noticed that you backed off.good move. that should mean something. don't let him get you twisted back intoit either. sometimes guys don't understand or realize that we know what's going on.


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  • Easy you stooped so he started. He wants a game not you move on


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