Should I call him, or wait for him?

i went on a date with a guy I know a little bit, and we had a good time and ended up having sex (which I wasn't planning, but it happened!) He then called me the next day and asked what I d been doing, etc, great! so then a couple of days after I text him, he called back. then 2 more days later I text him and asked if he had any plans for the day, reply until the nexty day he called me twice , I didn't answer , but called back later, we just had a little chat and he said he was sorry he didn't respond yesterday, his phone was off, and we just chatted (he said he was at his house in out of town but would be back the next day. And since then no calls or texts from him, neither from me. Should I call him, or leave the ball in his court?


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  • He'll call when he wants to get laid again. You aren't a challenge no more.

    • you are probably right, so your saying that you guys are only interested when they have a 'challenge' ?

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  • If I were you I would call and see what happens. What if he's nervous about calling you? Or that you don't like him now just go for it!

    • thanks corkee, this is the first time I ve ever used a site to ask for advice, and with 2 answers, 1 male , 1 female- the male puts it very simply! you are not a challenge any more, he ll call when he wants to get laid again! - I hope he is wrong. I'm going to wait a bit longer I think!