Should I text him (I miss him but don't want seem desperate)?

There is this guy he's known as a big flirt and obviously he tried it on me I brushed it off earlier in the year knowing his reputation and all but as the year went by I saw a different side on him and he's become one of my good friends yet he admitted to me he liked me which I took as a joke at first but not with what his friends said. they said he's never said anything that sweet about me in all the girls he dated. I told him that I did like him at some point and after we started talking. he lost his phone so we barely communicated after and I saw him last in graduation. I told him everything I felt in a letter saying how much i cared about him even as friends since he wrote something really nice in my yearbook. he wanted to hang out next week should I text him? I Haven't texted him since last week which he texted me first when he got his phone back. sorry for the long story)


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  • if your interested chat and knw about him and later decide that he is nterested in you or jst playing ,maybe you want to play wth him

  • Hes probably waiting for you to text him haha. That's how it was in my situation


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