Why would a guy contact me every 7 or 8 months after going out on only 1 date?

I am a young professional and I went on a date with nice, professional guy. He contacted me the next to let me know that he enjoyed the evening and that he wanted to go out again. I replied, thanking him for the evening. However, we never went out on that second date. He contacts me via text every 7 or 8 months asking how I'm doing and suggesting another date but he never follows through. If we never had a second date, didn't kiss or have sex, why is he continuing to contact me? Its has been 2 years since our date. I don't get it. I just can not believe someone would feel comfortable texting after so much time has passed. I couldn't do it.


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  • I have a similar situation with this girl. We had one date and every few months she texts and makes rumblings about hanging out again, but plans are never made solid. Then she disappears again. Some people are just flighty and weird.


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  • i don't think he's that serious about you. You shouldn't waste your time and energy on such a person.