Guys, do you like your woman independent?

Does it comfort you to think that your girlfriend can take care of herself when you're not around? Or does that not cross your mind?


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  • Yes. Less concern and worry on my part. Plus I'd like to join her life, not become it.


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  • amazing this question comes up - read my posted question "How do I show her my feelings are genuine while maintaining my own happiness?" and tell me what you think

    I would love if my "friend" (since she's not my gf) was independant, and I have every reason to believe she will be. But I'll admit, it's a lot of work spporting 2 households, etc. In my situation, there are some very valid reasons why I am supporting her at the present time, though I'll fully admit, I think some of it on her end is laziness, or complacency, because of how I spoil her. It woudl releive a lot of tension in my life if she could support herself.

  • Yes. I would not want to date someone who would be completely dependent on me. Brando has a great point. "I'd like to join her life, not become it".

  • I usually assume she can take care of herself when I'm not around. But that's more because I date adults more than anything else. . .


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  • wtf are yo talking about?

    how could anyone survive if they could not take care of themselves? any woman IN a relationaship, was sinle taking care of herself BEFORE the relatrionship. so unless she's under 18 (and even then most people start gaining independence by age 12, increasing till they move out. ) living in a hospital prison or psychiatric ward. she is taking care of herself.

    • There are different types of people in this world. In my group of friends alone, I know the girls who crumble under pressure and the ones who are strong an independent. I know which ones are more likely to get themselves into bad sitautions, and which ones can handle it if something bad happens. THAT'S what I'm talking about

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    • clingy is known an absolute negative trait. If that's what dependent means-its a redundant question.

      If you have people 'do' things for u, it does not mean you can not do it yourself. babies are dependent. psychotic people are dependent. people with physical illnesses are dependent. sometimes elderly people are dependent. a healthy adult who 'likes' someone to do things for them, is manipulative- not dependent. Partners who indulge this 'dependent' behavior-CHOOSE to/ prefer it. its called co- dependency.

    • Fair enough. I doubt the QA analyzed as in detail as you did, eventhough she may be aware of it.

      are you from France?