I feel so pathetic that I can't get over my ex?

its been almost 8 months since me and my ex broke up and I'm still not over it and I don't know why I am having such a hard time with this. I know I need to get over him but I don't want to, all I want is him. I never had someone make me as happy as him. I cry almost every night that they fact that I don't have him in my life any more and I feel so pathetic any advice ?


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  • I was in the same boat a while ago, but getting out there with friends, and just occupying your mind with other things, school, work, and whatever you can really helps and trying to spark something new with somebody else will help tremedously. I'm not saying you have to jump into another relationship but a fling perhaps. Not even sexual.


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  • Was he your "first"?


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  • You definately need to do things to preoccupy your mind, go out with friends, start to flirt with guys again, work, go to the gym. Try to just get yourself out there again even if sometimes you just want to sit at home and watch movies eating ice cream but that only makes matters worse. Staying home by yourself will only consume you with thoughts of your ex.