Dating your high school teacher.

Many of us had a crush on a teacher when we were at school. They might have been quite young, perhaps only a student teacher at the time, or a recent graduate. They might have been an older sexier milf, or proto-cougar. Whatever.

When you leave school, society certainly doesn't consider it a crime to date someone older. So if you had a chance to go on a date with your crushed-upon high school teacher, would you do it?

What's the largest age gap you think would be acceptable?

For me, it was my French teacher. And if I ran into her today, I would absolutely make a pass at her.


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  • I'm 26 and I teach honors English. Because I'm pretty young and can relate very well to my students, a lot of them feel close to me. I can totally tell when a student has a crush on me.

    • hahah what's that like from your perspective? Because I'm sure everyone's had that one teacher who they think is really hot.

    • Do you ever reciprocate?

    • Reciprocate? Are you kidding me? First, I am not attracted to teenage boys. And second, it is completely irresponsible for any teacher to even consider having a relationship with a student (in high school, higher ed, any time); it exploits the power dynamic not to mention is illegal in many instances.


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  • Ha! This question reminds me of 9th grade. We had this really hot substitute teacher in his 20's, and all sorts of craziness was going on, girls were taking pictures, flirting in class, talking about him constantly, etc. I still wonder what he thought about that, a bunch of 14 year-olds fawning all over him, lol.

    If I randomly saw him somewhere, I'd definitely go say hi. I feel too young though, to get involved with a guy 7-8 years older than me. Actually, while it's true I've left school, I wouldn't even consider dating him until I'm 18. I could deal with five years older than me, at this point, but that number will probably change over the years.

  • I had this biology teacher who I was just crazy for. He was like fourty ish, married. He just had this crazy charisma, and I was insanely attracted to him. Didn't bother hiding it, I litterally blurted out to him that I found him sexy as hell.

    I would totally 100 % do it. The real issue though is that he's married. But yeah. Yum.

  • Well, my art teacher was cute, sweet, and talented. He was only 13-15 years older than me, so if I were available I would date him.


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  • I had a blond music teacher, very very hot blond music teacher. With curly hair and tall. I still remember those long awesome legs and her gorgeous face.

    I'm pretty sure she would be a stuck up bitch, I'd avoid dating her. But I would most certainly f*** her brains in and out...

  • um it's not my high school teacher, but there is a teacher I missed out on taking the chance to get with her because of my doubts as to appropriateness and whatnot and I regret it. So given the chance again, I'd do it for sure.

  • My health teacher...she's married :(

    My english teacher...she's married :(

    My health teacher seemed like she was that crazy sexy girl in college.

    My english teacher had an AMAZING ass. I could NOT stop looking at it :/